Lending bot on poloniex bitfinex. How does it work

About us

We are a team of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs who have been working together since 2010 at mycoinsbot

Our mandate is to help clients with General Loan Administration at Poloniex to get the highest rates possible in the Cryptocurrency Markets.  

Contact us today and start living the dream of owning a passive income. Work with us and we’ll do the work so you don’t have to. Get in touch with us today and join us here on  Telegram.


Using advanced analytics of market metrics, our proprietary loan bot applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast the best loan rates and automatically offers your coins at the highest rate at time of lending. This ensures your coins are never loaned out for anything less.

We give professional and personal consultation to every client to customise all the settings in our loan bot eg. loan tenure according to their needs and financial aspirations.

It has never been easier to find the highest interest rates to loan out your coins to maximise your returns !  

Whether you are holding Bitcoins or Litecoins ,with our intelligent AI . you are never left behind. To join the program signup here

Mind map of our Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We already have a excellent working bot. Problem is not everyone could leave the home PC on 24/7 or can afford to setup a VPS service, and there are those with zero programming knowledge. We needed to make things simple for the end user to get higher adoption rates. The idea is to have the bot hosted on cloud services, to achieve maximum uptime, has variables that needs input from the user. Private api and secret keys, the user has to login to poloniex to create it.The private keys and secret keys.
We run the AI via api, with the instructions that you provide, like when you require to cut off loans, and how you wish to receive notifications . 

API key and Secret key
Create a NEW API key and Secret key  from Poloniex and paste them into the respective slots in the forms provided.
secret key= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
Your API key is all capital letters and numbers in groups of 8, separated by hyphens. Your secret ke is 128 lowercase letters and numbers.

Warning !!!
Do not share your API key nor secret key with anyone whom you do not trust with all your Poloniex funds.
If you use an API key that has been used by any other application, it will likely fail for one application or the other. This is because the API key requires a nonce.




150$ USD for one exchange

260$ USD for two exchange

20$ USD for VIP members

25$ for api change

Premium memberships (VIP) & Standard members

  Premium members :

  • AI scans for fresh rates every 180 secs
  • Reports of loans will be sent every 2 hours 
  • Able to specify loan end date
  • Notifications choices

  1. Private telegram chat box or group chat
  2. Email notifications 

Normal members

  • AI will scan for fresh rates every hour
  • Reports of loans will be sent every 3-5 hours
  • Notifications will be sent to group chat only


  • AI mined data used to provide better rates
  • Able to cut off loans on a specific date
  • Able to receive personal notification via telegram app on smartphone
  • Your funds is always safe in your own Poloniex/Bitfinex account ( we don't have access to it )


If you prefer to watch a video on how to get the api plus secret key for the lending bot from poloniex bitfinex , watch here