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Frequently asked questions

What cryptocurrencies can I mine?

We will configure your rigs to mine  cryptocurrencies with algorithm that is most efficient for the GPU type in your rig.

How do I exchange the cryptocurrencies mined for cash?

We will guide you in setting up a wallet to keep the cryptocurrencies mined and to set up a trading account with a local exchange.

You can then send the cryptocurrencies to the exchange to be sold for SGD or USD.  You can transfer the sales proceeds from the cryptocurrencies to your bank account. 

Do I need a monitor and keyboard for the rig?

The short answer is no.

All our rigs are configured to be plug & play.  Just connect the rig by ethernet and plug in the power supply and the mining program will start.

In addition, we will provide you with teamviewer access to your rig for monitoring purposes.

Is there any warranty for the rigs?

All the components come with local (Singapore) distributor warranty ranging from 3 to 5 years depending on component.

Can I run the mining rigs at home?


We configure all our rigs to be plug & play so all you need is internet connection by ethernet and electricity to run the rigs.

It is normal for the rigs to produce some noise and heat when mining.

We also have fully hosted solutions if you wish to place your rigs with us.

What kind of returns will I get?

Your rigs will produce cryptocurrencies which can be sold for cash on online exchanges.

As prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuates  from minute to minute, there is potential for the cryptocurrencies you mine to go up in price and you get higher returns.

We will recommend some websites and applications for you to monitor the prices.  

You have full control over the cryptocurrencies you mine and can choose when you wish to sell them and the selling price.

Other questions?

Check out our FAQ page or drop us a note if you have other questions